Defend Your Reputation in Court

Get legal advice from a DUI attorney in Tulsa, OK

Being charged with a DWI is serious. You need experienced support from a local DUI attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Elias & Hjelm, P.C. will help you build a strong case, present evidence in court and pursue dismissal of your case. We'll draw on more than 30 years of legal experience to help you.

Related charges include driving with a suspended license and refusing a breathalyzer. Contact us today to start building your defense.

Representation for multiple DUI charges

Depending on your criminal record, you could be facing a variety of consequences if you're charged with a DWI. This includes license suspension and even jail time. Hiring a DUI attorney is one of the best ways to increase your chances of success in court.

Elias & Hjelm, P.C. offers legal representation for...

  • First-offense DUIs.
  • Multiple-offense DUIs.
  • Aggravated DUIs.
  • Felony DUIs.
Don't face DUI charges on your own. Hire a DUI attorney today by calling 918-599-9090.

DWI vs. DUI - what's the difference?

Many Tulsa, OK residents use DWI and DUI interchangeably, but they're actually separate charges. The difference comes down to your blood alcohol content. No matter what charges you're facing, you'll need an attorney's help defending yourself.

Have you been accused of driving while impaired? A DWI attorney can help you avoid losing your driving privileges.

What about driving under the influence? A DUI attorney can help you fight...

  • Your driver's license revocation
  • An ignition interlock device installation
  • A state-approved drug or alcohol assessment

We've represented clients just like you in over 200 jury trials. Contact us today to start working with a seasoned DUI or DWI attorney.

When your freedom is at stake, call on Elias & Hjelm, P.C.

Losing your driving privileges may not seem like the end of the world, but it can seriously reduce your future job opportunities, keep you isolated from loved ones and make it difficult to enjoy your favorite activities. Don't risk getting your driver's license revoked because you didn't retain the right DUI attorney.

Elias & Hjelm, P.C. has earned the trust of clients in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas for providing personalized legal services. You'll build a beneficial relationship with your DUI attorney when you're working closely together.